Rock Band 

2017 Rock the Palace - 1st Place

2017 Westmoreland County BOTB - 1st Place

2017 Moon Township BOTB - 1st Place

2017 Hempfield HS Talent Show - 1st Place

2018 Winter Rock Challenge - Round 1 - 1st Place

2018 Winter Rock Challenge - Finals - 1st Place

Future Shows:           

May 10:  SuperBob Spectacular


               146 44th Street

               Lawrenceville, PA

               Show Time:  8 PM

May 12:  Millvale Music Festival

               Millvale Library

               213 Grant Street

               Millvale, PA

               Show Time:  3 PM

May 19:  Manor Legion

               58 Race Street

               Manor, PA

               Show Time:  TBD

May 26:  Platoon Release Party

               Keynote Cafe

               227 South Fourth Street

               Jeannette, PA

               Show Time:  9 PM

Jun 2:     2018 Great Eastern Arts Fest

              Tenley Park

              Everett, PA

              Show Time:  7:30 PM

Jun 30:   WYEP's Summer Music Festival

               Schenley Plaza

               4100 Forbes Avenue

               Pittsburgh, PA

               Show Time: 4:30 PM

Jul 3:      Z&M Harley-Davidson

              6130 US-30

              Greensburg, PA

              Show Time:  TBD                

Jul 11:     Youngwood Park N Pool

              801 South 10th Street

              Youngwood, PA

              Show Time:  TBD

Jul 13:     TBA

Jul 14:    Jamfest @ PNG Park

              90 Johns Street

              Johnstown, PA

              Show Time:  TBD

Jul 25:    Youngwood Park N Pool

              801 South 10th Street

              Youngwood, PA

              Show Time: TBD    

Jul 28:    TBA

Aug 2:    TGIS

                The Palace Theatre

              21 W Otterman Street

              Greensburg, PA

              Show Time:  TBD

Aug 4:   Wicked Googly

              209 W. Main Street

              Ligonier, PA

              Show Time:  10 PM

Aug 24:  TBA

Aug 25:   Martinsburg Food Truck Festival

               201 South Walnut Street

               Martinsburg, PA

               Show Time:  12 PM

Sep 2:     Labor United Celebration

               Northmoreland Park

               280 Markle Road

               Apollo, PA

               Show Time:  11:30 AM

Sep 15:   Bikes, Bands, and BBQ Event

               Z&M Harley-Davidson

               6130 US-30

               Greensburg, PA

               Show Time:  11 AM

We are located in Greensburg, PA.   We perform in Westmoreland and the surrounding counties.

We perform at most events, including:

  • Festivals
  • Performing Arts Venues
  • Private Events
  • Special Occasions 
  • Local Events And More!